How To Get Involved

Become a Freedom Driver

Ready for a lifesaving ride!! We are looking for Volunteer Freedom Drivers to help homeless cats and dogs from Oconee County Animal Services get to rescue groups located in Georgia and surrounding states where they are able to receive more extensive medical treatment and have a greater chance of finding homes. This is a great opportunity to help save some very special animal lives. It’s just one of the ways that you can ‘be a hero to an animal in need’ in Oconee County!

PLEASE complete and submit your Volunteer Freedom Driver Application on page 1 and your Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability on page 2 to be considered. We look forward to you joining our team of volunteers!

Be an Animal Advocate
How does the Animal Advocate program work?

Friends of OCAS Animal Advocates are a special group of volunteers who help save lives by ensuring that the animals who have been at the shelter the longest get the extra attention that they need to help them stay happy and healthy while they wait to be adopted, rescued or fostered.

  • Advocates commit to visiting their chosen dog or cat for at least one hour a week. This can be spread out over multiple visits during the week or can be done in a single visit, whatever fits your schedule!
  • Select a dog or cat from the list of animals that need some extra help finding their forever home. To get the list of the animals in need, please contact us. You will be sent a shared google document after we receive your request.
  • Pick a few animals from the list and go to the shelter to meet them in person.
  • Once you have picked an animal, email your selection back to us. Your choice will be confirmed and added to the shared google document.
  • You will be sent an invitation to join the ‘OCAS Volunteers and Fosters’ Facebook group. This is where you will post the photos, videos and personality notes of your chosen animal.
    • Don’t have Facebook? No problem – we can still work with you. Just send the information directly to our email address.

Advocates commit to ONE animal at a time, and they advocate for that animal until it leaves the shelter. This makes it a very flexible type of volunteering as you can stop and start whenever you want!

Volunteer at the shelter!

Volunteers are welcome at the shelter anytime during business hours. You do not need to commit to be a regular volunteer, you can stop by once a week or once a month – any visit is appreciated.

Adoption Event Volunteer

Adoption events are completely volunteer based projects. Events are generally held every Saturday. Volunteers are needed to setup crates, walk dogs and speak with potential adopters. If you would like to lend a hand during an event please contact us with your information.